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Kelly Heckart - Of Water and Dragons

Why you chose that particular setting?

Of Water and Dragons is set in northern Britain and Scotland in the 1st century AD. I had to set the story there because it is based on an actual battle that was fought between the Roman legions and the Celts.

What does the setting add to the story?

The setting adds to the mystique and beauty of the lands of the ancient Celts. Even with Roman influence, the places still belong to the Celts and their many gods and goddesses.

Could you write the same story in a different setting?


Why or why couldn't you use a different setting?

Because of the historic significance of the story it had to be told in that setting.

Did you use a real place as a basis for your setting?

Yes. The story is set in 1st century Roman Britain and parts of Scotland near the Grampian mountains where the battle took place. Loch Ness also appears in my story where, nearby, an actual Celtic hillfort existed.

Tell us some specific details about your setting. What would we see? What sort of people are there? If we were traveling to your setting, what should we bring with us? For visitors, what do they need to know to visit your setting?

Well, there was a difference between Roman Britain, with its civitas and villas, and parts of Scotland that were untouched by Roman hands. There were Roman forts guarding the entrances to the highlands, but other than that it wasn't Romanized. The Celts lived in hillforts and roundhouses and they relied on farming for survival. One thing that is distinctive about Scotland is its mountains. They have mountains of craggy rock that are pretty bare at the top except for some scrub grass or heather. Trees grow at the lower levels of the mountains. In the highlands, there are lots of hidden glens, lochs and forests, which are enchanting, but then there are other parts of Scotland that are open with lush green pastures and gentle hills with just a cluster of mixed woodlands. If you were visiting my setting in the 1st century AD, you would have to be prepared to 'rough it.' Roman Britain was a busy place and you would see a mix of Roman soldiers and civilians. Roman Britain would be relatively safe to travel in because Roman soldiers acted as the law, but Scotland would have been a dangerous place with its rough terrain and Celtic warriors. It is also rainy and can get cold ( it snows in winter, especially in higher elevations) so you would need a heavy cloak to keep off the rain and chill. Thank you for sharing details about your book setting. Now, what's the title of your book and where can we buy it? Of Water and Dragons is available in ebook or print format.

Visit for details. Thanks for letting me share!

Kelley Heckart

Author of Of Water and Dragons.

"an appealing amalgam of magic, erotica, military history, and romance that will leave readers breathless in its wake." Ellen Tanner Marsh, NYT best-selling author

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