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Cynthia's Attic Series

This description takes in the whole series (3 books): Cynthia's Attic: The Missing Locket, The Magic Medallion, and Curse of the Bayou. Since it's a continuing series, I thought we could talk about the setting for the entire series.

Why you chose that particular setting?
I chose Southern Indiana because that's where Cynthia's attic was located. The dream takes place in a mysterious attic. At times the attic is exciting and mysterious, but many times it is dark and foreboding. I'd just finished telling my best friend about the recurring dream I'd had for almost 20 years, when I had a "light-bulb" moment. It occurred to me that the dream took place in the attic of my childhood friend, Cynthia. We used to play in her attic all the time. When I realized that it was the place of my dreams, the dreams stopped and the writing began.

What does the setting add to the story?
I've always been told, "Write what you know." I had so many pictures of my hometown, Corydon, Indiana, in the early 1900s that I knew exactly how it looked, how the people dressed, and what the downtown looked like. I believe this adds a certain realism that I might not be able to achieve, otherwise.

Could you write the same story in a different setting?
The main characters, Cynthia and Gus, travel to many locations. Since they have a "time-traveling trunk," they're able to visit many locations, including an early 1900s cruise ship, a cottage in France, a Louisiana bayou, and New Orleans.

Why or why couldn't you use a different setting?
The stories are loosely based on stories from my childhood. To make the adventures realistic, I wanted to begin the books in Southern Indiana.

Did you use a real place as a basis for your setting?
Yes. My hometown.

Is there anything else about your setting that we need to know? Feel free to share.
The Cynthia's Attic adventures cover a 120-year span; from 1964-1844. Most of the action takes place in 1914 where Cynthia and Gus first meet their 12-year-old grandmothers! Life in the early 1900s was quite different from life in the 1960s. Although the books are categorized as fantasy/fiction, I like to describe them as historical fiction with fantastical elements. The books give the reader a sense of history without bogging them down in facts.

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What is the link to buy your book(s)?

Tell us some specific details about your setting.

What would we see?
A small town, dirt streets with large sycamore trees looming over the streets. The center of town is the courthouse square. A split rail fence surrounds a small stone building, the first state capitol of Indiana. The bandstand is also in the town square, and many Friday nights are spent listening to the town band and attending an "ice cream social."

What sort of people are there?
1914: Settlers, Corydon natives who are third generation. Bankers, farmers, blacksmiths, business owners, mothers, fathers, and children running down the streets, gathered on the sidewalk playing marbles, or getting a frosted malt at Rosenbarger's Ice Cream Emporium.

If we were traveling to your setting, what should we bring with us?
Only your imagination. As Cynthia and Gus travel through time with only the clothes on their back and some necessary clues on their destination, they don't need money or food, although Gus has been known to stuff a hunk of lunch meat in her pocket.

For visitors, what do they need to know to visit your setting?
Visitors would need to blend in with the times. They'd need to know that help and information was readily available. All they'd need to do is ask the right person. And, don't expect to find the Internet, cell phones, television, or even indoor "facilities!"

Thank you for sharing details about your book setting. Now, what's the title of your book and where can we buy it?
Cynthia's Attic: The Missing Locket
Cynthia's Attic: The Magic Medallion
Cynthia's Attic: Curse of the Bayou
Amazon buy link for all three books:

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