Sunday, May 11, 2008

See No Evil, My Pretty Lady by Miss Mae

1) Why did you pick the setting?
Since I dealt with an historical figure, the setting was already picked for me.

2) Why you chose that particular setting? I did choose an island away from London so the characters could be more contained.

3) What does the setting add to the story?
Hmm, atmosphere, I hope. The image of darkness, mystery, intrigue, foreboding...

4) Could you write in a diifferent setting? Not for this story.

5) Why couldn't you use a different one? Because history has placed Jack the Ripper in Victorian London. Unless I did a time travel and transported him to a different age, then, of course, I could also add a different setting...

6) Did you use a real place? Yes

7) Did you create the setting from scratch? The manor on the island, yes.

8) Anything else we need to know? No

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11) Details about the setting. What will we see? What sort of people? If we were traveling, what should we bring? For visitors, what should they know to visit your setting?
At my setting, they'll see cold, moist, billowing fog. The people are an assorted lot from menial servants, a high society woman, wealthy gentlemen, and an officer from Scotland Yard. If traveling, bring an umbrella. For visitors, bring long underwear to stay warm!

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